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Addiction Counselling


Nick Gully is a leading UK Addiction Counsellor and trained "Interventionist", who has worked in the field for twenty years and offers therapy sessions in London, Brighton and Hove.

Nick has worked in a wide range of different clinical settings and as well as having trained with some of the leading therapists in the USA, such as Pia Mellody, Terence Gorski, Dr Patrick Carnes, John Bradshaw, Brenda Schaefer and Claudia Black, he has held senior clinical positions in some of the UK's leading addiction treatment centres, including as Director of Addiction Services at the Priory Hospital in London and as the Clinical Manager at Lifeworks in Surrey.

Nick is also a part-time lecturer at Brighton University, specialising in addiction and cognitive behavioural therapy and qualified as an Addictions Counsellor in 1993, as a general Therapist in 1999 and as an Interventionist in 2005.

Nick is a compassionate, insightful, warm and direct therapist who is able to build a healthy and constructive rapport with those he works with. His insight and compassion arises partly through his own long term recovery from addiction.

As well as being able to guide and support people through the initial process of recovery from addiction, he is also skillful in helping his clients to explore and heal any underlying trauma's or issues which compound the addictive behaviour.

He specialises in the treatment of all addictions, including drugs, alcohol, gambling, co-dependency, sex and love addiction, compulsive spending and eating disorders.

Nick is the Clinical Director of Brunswick Therapy Services, overseeing the clinical work of therapy centres in Brighton, Hove, London, India and Dubai and is occasionally abroad when leading an "intervention".

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